Colour Me Bad: Stress Out, Colour in, Deface, Obliterate

Putting the stress back into colouring books, this is your chance to colour outside of the lines, to rip, rend, tear and destroy, scribble, deface or obliterate the images. Dump on your distress! Take out your frustrations on the page! Evil Editor Ilya I.. Killya has assembled a crack team of top professional cartoonists and illustrators to toon up your terrors, throw out your troubles and definitively trash your traumas. Fill in these visual fillips, images of stress - distressed bods, stressful situations, the daily tripe that messes with your melons - and end it, any way you care to, however you dare to: Get creative, be artistic, play anarchic. Feel free to go as twisted or rude as you like! Hello, Kill You Pet hates, bugbears, bastard bloody botheration! Stressy folks, hateful objects, hate figures - from traffic wardens to politicians, forever pissing on your chips - Big Blue Blistering Barnacles! Unexpected item in the bagging area. Arrggh! Second-hand smoke? Or is it the self-righteous anti-smoking lobby? Grrr! The missed bus, the long queue, the computer forever crashing ...break Murphys Law, scratch craps eyes out.

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