Enterprise 3: Pre-Intermediate: My Language Portfolio

The grant for children studying English language at the basic school. It is directed on gradual formation and development of all 4 kinds of speech activity. A series consists of 5 books – Enterprise 1, 2, 3, 4. Working writing-book Enterprise contains set of tasks for reading, the letter, grammar, on working off of new lexicon. And the book for the teacher – step-by-step recommendations about conducting fascinating employment on the basis of the given grant, including keys to all tasks in the textbook and a working writing-book. Components: Student’s Book (with audio CD) – the textbook with an audiodisk, the Workbook - worker a writing-book, Teacher’s Book - book for the teacher, Enterprise Grammar - grammatical directory, Test Booklet - collection of test tasks and exercises, Class Audio CDs - an audiodisk for work in a class, Plus-5sht, DVD, Student's Audio CD – an audiodisk for house work.

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